Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Welcome Lauren!



Pawprint shirts

I've gotten lots of requests on reordering baseball shirts. We can basically order anything we want. I spoke to him again today and here are your choices. Keep in mind that each squad will probably do some sort of shirt for their individual squad before the first competition. So, this won't be the last shirt order you see! :) Just remember....you do not have to order.....I'm just putting it out there if you want it.
baseball tee $16

  • white tshirt $12
  • black tshirt $12
  • white hoodie $16
  • black hoodie $16
If you want to order, EMAIL me. All payments need to be made to KIM CARPER on Saturday at practice. If you won't be there, leave it in an envelope for me at the front desk. Thanks to everyone for being so prompt with your payments. It makes everything so much easier for me.
Kim (kimberly819@gmail.com)

Sunday, August 16, 2009

a few things

This is the LAST CALL for the baseball tees. $16.00 - need to know size and name for back.
I have orders for Lindsay Holmes, LeighAnne Seitz, and Michaela Jackson. If you liked that design, but didn't care for the baseball tee, I can order you the same design on a plain white tshirt for $12. Just let me know. Someone also asked about a hoodie. I can order a hoodie with the polka/dot paw print on it also. They will be $16. We won't have names put on the hoodies, because the hood covers up the name. Please let me know by TUESDAY if you want any of these things.

Inidanapolis Competition fees are due September 9 = $125

I will be placing one more warmup order. If you need something, let me know.