Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Tshirt Orders

Mini Team
Youth Small - Katelyn, Olivia, Kinlee, Georgie, Mallory, Ava
Youth M - Isabella, Olivia, Sydnee
Adult S - Isabella, Georgie, Ava (3)
Adult M - Katelyn (2), olivia (2), Georgie, Mallory
Adult L - Katelyn, Kinlee, Sydnee, Mallory (2), Ava
Adult XL - Georgie, Sydnee, Mallory

Junior Teal
Youth S - Maddie M, Addi
Youth M - Kennadi, Paige, Kendall (2)
Youth L - Mallie, Anna, Addi, Chloe
Adult S - McCall, Paige
Adult M- McCall, Anna, Kennadi (2), Maddi M.
Adult L - Maddie M (2), Kennadi, Kendall, Chloe
Adult XL - Kendall

Senior Silver
Youth S - Bri, Megan, Alli, Randi Jo
Youth M - Megan, Hannah D, Katie
Youth L - Taylor P, Landyn, Hannah P.
Adult S - Maddie F, Camryn, Bri (3), Leigh Anne, Molli, Madison G, Cassie, Brittney K, Hailee, Hannah P (2)
Adult M - Bri (2), Hannah D (2)
Adult L - Bri, Megan, Leigh Anne, Madison G, Katie, Brittney, Hailee
Adult XL - Hannah D, Hailee

Senior Black
Adult S - Kailey, Sarah (2), Chacy, Taylor, Madison B, Michalea, Allison, Audrey, Emily, McKayla,  
                Kalee, Maddie E, Candice, Shelby, Melissa
Adult M - Sarah, Chaney, Maddie E, Payton (2)
Adult L - Chacy
Adult XL - Emily, Zach

Sponsor Lists

Ok, friends!  All the sponsors have been copied and pasted. Please click the link to check the list for your team. If there are any changes, notify me by 10:30pm.  After that, I'm sending the files to the screen printer. Thanks for your cooperation and diligence turning in everything on time. You guys are AWESOME!!

Mini Sponsors

Junior Sponsors

Senior Silver Sponsors

Senior Black Sponsors