Friday, November 5, 2010

St. Louis Info

Juniors warmup at 12:18 and compete at 12:48 (Arrive dressed and ready at 11am)
Seniors warmup at 1:02 and compete at 1:32 (Arrive dressed and ready at 11:30am)
Melissa will be taking juniors and seniors to a practice area together.
**As I stated yesterday, the schedule shown online for the JUNIORS ONLY on Saturday is INCORRECT.  It will NOT reflect the correct time, due to our request for a schedule change.  Please go by the times listed in THIS EMAIL. :)

Juniors warmup at 10:50 and compete at 11:20 (Arrive dressed and ready at 9:45am)
Seniors warmup at 1:30 and compete at 2:00  (Melissa will let you know)
Levels 1-2 awards are at 12:00pm
Levels 3-5 awards are at 3:56pm

It's going to be an exciting weekend!!!  Get your cheer gear ready!!! Cheers Elite is taking over St. Louis!!!! :)