Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tons of Info!!

Disclaimer….:) Forgive me if this email seems a little demanding. I’m trying to give you as much information as possible, while stressing the importance of turning in things on time. I plan to place the orders on the dates given below. If you know you are going to miss a practice, make sure you turn your money and orders in ahead of time to avoid being without. : ) also, anytime you are turning in money for something other than competition fees or monthly dues, make sure you put it in an envelope and leave it at the front desk with my name on it. That’s the only way to ensure you are properly credited.

We will be starting fundraisers the first week in August. More info will be given at that time.

Excite Night:
Everyone mark your calendars for Excite Night on October 24 from 2-4pm. All squads will participate. Last year was our first event ever and it was a HUGE success! It will be a dress rehearsal performance for friends, family, etc. Each cheerleader needs to contribute $5 for the decorations. This is due Sept. 25.

Uniform Fees:
Uniform fees were due last week. Only 25% of the people ordering have paid. The gym cannot/will not order your uniform without payment. Uniform fees MUST be in by August 5th. This will be the last opportunity to have your uniform included with the order. Those that have not paid will not have a uniform ordered. We never know how long it will take to get the uniforms and I have been instructed to place the order next week.

Competition Fee for St. Louis Nov. 6-7:
The competition fees were spaced out so that fees wouldn’t overlap. The first fee of $120 was due this past week. If you have not paid, please do so at your next practice. Remember to make your checks to CHEERS ELITE. We NEVER want to incur late fees for registering late. The next competition fee of $60 is due August 12. A competition schedule can be found at the bottom of this email.
Competition Makeup:
I will be ordering our competition makeup on Sept. 11. When we order several kits, we get a discount. The kit this year will include the following:
• Teal eye glitter
• Show seal (used to adhere eye glitter)
• Oh so red! Lipstick
The kit will cost approximately $20. Again the money for this is due on Saturday, Sept. 11. For those of you that don’t need all products, you can select products individually on the order form that will be given out at practice.

Our girls will be wearing false eyelashes during competition performances. You can pick these up almost anywhere. I won’t be ordering these for you. Most girls wear the lashes with the sparkly rhinestones on them. I’ve seen them at Walmart, Walgreens, Target, CVS, and Sally Beauty. Finding them in stock is hit and miss. I would encourage you to start looking NOW. They cost about $4 a pair. I plan to buy 3 pair to last our competition season. Each pair can be reused several times, if handled with care. The following website sells them for $3.95 and RIGHT NOW they have free shipping! I just placed an order for 3 pair. I ordered the “ROMANTIC” lashes as shown in the picture below. Free shipping won’t last forever, so I’d order soon.

Competition Hairbows:
If you don’t have a bow, you need to let me know. Bow money is due September 4th and will cost approximately $13. I will have an exact price by the end of this week. Again, if your money isn’t in by Sept. 4th, I will not order a bow for you.


Purchasing a warmup is not mandatory!!! Most girls have one and wear them to each competition, but again, they are optional. The cost is $65.00. On Saturday, August 7th, I will have sizers available for the girls to try on. This is the ONLY TIME the sizers will be available. The money for warm-ups is due August 28th. We never know how long it will take to get them in. In addition, the jackets have a star embroidered on the chest with “cheers elite” written inside it. Trust me, they’re cute. I will also provide you an order form for this as well.  If you need to order individual pieces, I can do that for you as well.

I’ve had several requests for a hooded sweatshirt that we had several years ago. The sweatshirts will have “Cheers Elite” written in script and tackle twill embroidery. The cost will be $30, or $38 with your name embroidered on the back. They are a bit more expensive due to the embroidery design, but they are cute! If you’re wondering what tackle twill is, click on the link below. Order forms will be given for these.

Bling Shirts:
Thanks to Cassie Presnell’s mom for getting this shirt order together. Shirts are $25/youth and $30/adult. If you would like to order, I will have a sign up sheet at the desk on Saturday, August 7th. Don’t forget this is our first practice. You will need to pay for the shirts when you order.