Monday, June 24, 2013

Choreography times and clothing

Choreography time is here! This is such a fun time for the girls!  Our choreographer is BEYOND AMAZING! Please make sure that you are ON TIME!  Time with Jason is precious, and he will use every available minute to piece the routines together.  Make sure girls wear their hair up securely so they aren't playing with it during the practices. Choreography practices are CLOSED. On Sunday, parents may watch for the last hour of practice.  (Since the SILVER team will finish on Saturday, parents may watch at 8pm on Saturday evening.)
Bling items, sponsor shirts and shoe exchanges will be handed out at the gym on Wednesday. Please, Please, Please put your child's name inside their shoes. Some are being left at practice and we are having difficulty identifying the owner.  Lastly, uniform fittings will be FRIDAY.  Please see the fitting schedule below under Friday.  At the fitting, you will be sized for uniforms, warmups, bows, cheer bags, practice wear, and other adorable items.  The only thing you have to purchase is a uniform, bow, and a warmup.  All other things are optional. When paying for these items, you will write your checks directly to VARSITY.  If you choose to use some money from your sponsors, please let Kim know. We will be ordering uniforms, bows, and bags, asap.  The warmup can be paid for at a later date since we don't need them right away. We will place another order on Sept. 1. It is still important to be sized for all items on Friday. We won't have another scheduled fitting. 
It is very important that previous CEA girls bring their uniforms to the fitting. We need pieces available to help girls determine the correct size.  Please make sure your name is in each piece. 

Thursday, June 27
3-6 pm Junior Teal
6-9 pm Senior Silver
Wear LOVE TEAL sponsor shirts today with black shorts. 

Friday, June 28
9-12 Junior Teal (uniform fitting at 3:30pm)
12:30-4:30 Senior Silver (uniform fitting at 4:30)
5-9 Senior Black (Uniform fitting at 4pm)
MINI Team fitting from 3:30-6pm
Rainbow theme today. Most girls are wearing Nike Pro outfits today....any color.  You may also choose to wear a tshirt and shorts. We are going for colorful here. See the pic below to get an idea.  The color that you wear is up to you. 

Saturday, June 29
9-12 Junior Teal
12:30-4:30 Senior Black
5-9 Senior Silver
Wear bling tops with black shorts. If you do not have bling top, black shirt or tank is fine.

Sunday, June 30
8:30-11:30 Senior Black
11:30-2:30 Junior Teal
Wear LOVE TEAL sponsor shirts today with black shorts.