Monday, January 10, 2011

Chattanooga Times

Chattanooga Convention Center
1150 Carter St
Chattanooga, Tennessee 

$15 spectator fee per day or $25 for the weekend

You are allowed to video and take pictures. :)

Please note that the SENIOR times are WRONG on the schedule. At last look, they had us in the wrong division. Athletic officials are aware of it and are working on correcting it.   I have spoken with them and confirmed the correct times as noted below.

Saturday Times:

11:00 Dressed and Ready
12:02 Warmup
12:32 Compete

Melissa will tell you when to be there.
5:54 Warmup
6:24 Compete

On Sunday, teams will compete in REVERSE order of the Saturday rankings. 
Please be mindful that you will lose an hour as you travel to Chattanooga. On the flip side, you will gain an hour on your drive home. Please be safe while traveling!

Link to Schedule: http://www.athleticchampionships.com/index.php/event_description/48/schedule/

Great Job Cheers Elite!!!

NCA St. Louis Classic - All teams represented Lakewood well!  Way to go!!
Youth - 1st place
Juniors - 2nd place
Seniors - 2nd place