Friday, May 22, 2009


Way to go everyone! Leigh Ann Bensley and I turned in over $4000 to Vicki last night after counting the money for the tshirt fundraiser. You guys are awesome. You guys sold about 300 names! Fantastic! Now I get to figure out how to get them on the shirt! ha ha ha! I'll work it out....promise! Anyway....I thinkour parents are the best! I think our girls are the best! I think our coaches are the best! It's going to be a great year!! I'll post a tshirt design as soon as I get it......it won't be today...we have field day at school! woohoo!! PS - Mandy Hannan has the CUTEST bows ever for sale if you'd like to place an order. I know many of you didn't see them last night if you didn't come upstairs, but they will be there again next week. She has an order sheet and sample bows to see. Check them out!

PSS - Super Mom, Leigh Ann Bensley, has been working hard on getting area restaurants to donate portions of their profit to our squads. All we have to do is put the word out to go there and eat! She's getting the dates set up and will let us know when to go. Thanks Leigh Ann! You're great!

Have a great holiday weekend! Thanks again for turning all your forms and money in on time! YOU ARE AWESOME!!