Friday, May 8, 2009

$$ How to turn in fundraiser money $$

Hey everyone! The question has been asked….”How do we turn in fundraising money?” I called Vicki today for clarification. Any fundraising money you have to turn in needs to be given to Vicki. Please do not leave it at the counter. Paying monthly fees at the counter is fine, but all money submitted from fundraisers needs to be given to Vicki. If she is busy or you can’t find her, you can always drop it in the black payment box at the gym. Just be sure to make a note stating that the money is from a fundraiser and put whose account it goes into. Vicki has a binder that she will use to keep up with each girl’s account. If you have not filled out the contact sheet yet, please do so. This contact sheet is an important part to the book-keeping process.

Hopefully I will have a shirt design to send out to everyone in a few days. Have a great weekend!