Thursday, June 4, 2009

Lookin' Good

Hey girls! I just wanted to tell you all that you are looking great! I always seem to be running around like a crazed cheer mom, but I promise that I do stop to notice what's going on with the squads. First I want to say that Isabella Myers on the mini squad has the most beautiful jumps. She is so graceful....check her out sometime! Also, Madysen Bassett on the junior squad did her round-off, back handspring, back tuck on the tumble track this week without a spotter! Way to go girl! And finally, hooray for McKayla Siener!! She's been doing her back handspring all by herself! All the squads are looking awesome! Keep it up!

One last thing....Welcome Amanda Matthews to the Cheers Elite family! She will be on the senior squad! We're glad to have her. Have a great weekend!!