Sunday, August 2, 2009

Reminders and Announcements

This Monday is our last Fazoli's night. Let's make it the best one yet!!

Cheer practice and tumbling classes resume this week. We are now on the FALL schedule.

  • Minis - Mondays from 6-7:30 and Saturdays from 930-1100 in Paducah
  • Juniors - Thursdays from 6-8 and Saturdays from 930-1130 Paducah
  • Seniors - Wednesdays in MAYFIELD and Saturdays in Paducah at 10:45

The sponsorship forms are due this week. Please turn them in to Leigh Ann Bensley by August 8th. She will make sure your account is credited correctly.

NASHVILLE COMPETITION fees are due THIS WEEK!!!! $90 (Remember....paying late costs everyone else money!! Let's save $10 for our next entry fee!)

Monthly fees are also due!!

  • Minis $90
  • Juniors $100
  • Seniors $100

The warmups are in! Minis need to see Leigh Ann Bensley at practice on Monday to pick those up. The zebra shirts and baseball tshirts will be available at practice on Saturday. Please see Kim Carper for those.

We will be starting some fall fundraisers soon. Remember that you don't have to participate if you don't want to. I hope everyone has enjoyed their summer. It's time to head back to school and give 110% at cheer practice........because in the months to come, we've got some championships to WIN!!!! Go CHEERS ELITE!!!