Monday, May 23, 2011

Lots of Info

Choreography Fees due this WEEK!!
Please pay $178 to Cheers Elite.  The majority of the tanks are in and I will have those at the gym on Monday for the youth team, Wednesday for Seniors, and Thursday for Juniors.  The backpacks are also in. I've been asked to place another order for those.  The price is $40 or $48 with name embroidered.  If you'd like one, let me know Monday!!  I have to have at least 6 to place the order. :) 

Choreography Schedule:

Wednesday, June 15:
  • Juniors 2:00-5:30pm
  • Seniors 5:30-9-ish
Thursday, June 16:
  • Youth 8:30-12pm
  • Juniors 1-5
  • Seniors 5-9ish
Friday, June 17th:
  • Youth 8:30-12pm UNIFORM FITTINGS @ NOON!!
  • Juniors 1-5 UNIFORM FITTINGS @ 11am
  • Seniors 5-9ish UNIFORM FITTINGS @ 4pm
Saturday, June 18th:
Times will be announced on Friday, June 17th. :)

Notes for choreography: 
All choreography sessions are closed, meaning there are no spectators.  This ensures the best environment for learning the routine with limited distractions.  There will be no time for snack breaks during choreography. The girls are welcome to bring drinks (no soda).  Please note the times for uniform fittings on June 17th.  Parents should plan to be present for this.  Also, please be prompt for fittings….especially juniors and seniors. We don't want to interfere with scheduled choreography times.  The money for uniforms is also due on the 17th.  In addition, please know that the choreography end times are approximate. If jason is in the middle of an 8count, he will finish it before letting the girls go.  
  •    Youth 170
  •    Junior/senior 166 (less fabric because of crop top)

Hairbow 11.95

Warmup 98

ELITE zebra sweatshirt 38.95

ELITE Jacket 99

Remember, ALL UNIFORMS WILL BE ORDERED ON JUNE 17th.  You can order any of the other items on uniform day or the dates shown below.

Order Dates:
  • June 17th – must order/pay for uniform
  • July 29th
  • September 10th

Sponsor Fundraiser
Our next fundraiser is a sponsor fundraiser. Basically it works like this.  You ask friends, family, even local businesses to pay $10 to sponsor your child. Their name will be printed on the back of the Cheers Elite sponsor tshirt. Everyone's cheers elite supporters will be listed on the back of the shirt. 100% of this profit goes into your cheer account.  The sponsor orders will be due Thursday, June 16th.  I will be getting a tshirt design out to you in a few days. You can begin asking for sponsors now though.  The $10 fee is only for the name to be printed on the back of the shirt.  They can choose to buy a shirt also. The shirts will be $13. Please print clearly when writing the names on the form.