Saturday, May 3, 2014

Tumbling Guidelines for Each Level

Running Tumbling - Level 1
Cartwheel or Round Off
Round off back walkover
Front / Back walkover
Forward / Backward roll
Fall to bridge
Cartwheel fall to bridge
Front walkover - Cartwheel
Front walkover - Cartwheel - Fall to bridge

Standing Tumbling - Level 1
Forward / Backward Roll
Cartwheels or Cartwheel fall to bridge
Front / Back walkover
Toe touch forward roll
Back walkover toe touch
Round Off
Fall to Bridge
Front walkover - Cartwheel

Running Tumbling - Level 2
Round off - Back handspring
Round off - Back handspring series
Front walkover - Round Off - Back

Standing Tumbling - Level 2
Back Handspring
Back walkover Back Handspring Combinations

Running Tumbling - Level 3
Round off - Back Handspring - Back Tuck
Round off - Back Tuck
Front walkover through to round off 
Back Handspring Back Tuck
Punch Front
Punch Front forward roll step round off Back Handspring Back Tuck
Ariel Cartwheel

Standing Tumbling - Level 3
Series Back Handspring 
Jump Back Handspring

Running Tumbling - Level 4
Specialty pass to Layout
Front walkover/ Handspring through to layout

Standing Tumbling - Level 4
Back tuck
Back handspring - Back tuck
Back handspring - Layout
Jump - Back handspring - Back tuck combinations
Note: A jump(s) pause Back tuck is not considered a jump/tumbling combination