Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A few announcements

Cheer Shoes - these are only supposed to be worn inside at the gym or at competitions. We want them to stay nice and pearly white throughout the season. Junior squad shoes are in. Please see Rollie to get them. If you need to exchange, let him know after practice on Thursday.

Tshirts and Flip Flops - I was hoping to have everything for you at practice on Thursday. Unfortunately the world does not work according to my schedule. I will have everything for you at the June 18th practice.

Choreography fees are due June 11th. Please make checks for $160 payable to Cheers Elite. Don't forget the dates are June 26, 27, and 28. This will be a long weekend, so be prepared for your girls to be at the gym for several hours each day. Also, the gym will be closed during choreography, however, we usually get to come in the last hour or so on Sunday afternoon to see the routine.

Juniors - don't forget the cookout at the Bensley's home on June 22nd at 5:30pm. Leigh Ann will have a sign up sheet for food items. Afterwards, we will be going over to the mall for a scavenger hunt. We will split the girls into 4 teams and each team will need a digital camera and 2 adults. (In other words, this isn't a drop off and run event.) We need help supervising the girls so we aren't thrown out of the mall. ha ha ha! This will be a great bonding experience for the girls. Its important for them to get to know each other and have conversations that don't start with "5-6-7-8!"

Don't forget to pay your June dues. Also, the fall schedules are out for you to schedule a tumbling class! Grab a spot before they are full.

I won't be at practice on Thursday. I have a date with Keith Urban in St. Louis! Sorry!! See you guys next week!!