Friday, June 12, 2009

Team Shirts/Choreography

I picked up the team shirts today. They are so cute! I hope everyone likes them!!
I will have them at practice on Thursday, along with everything else. Mandy will have the bows you ordered also, so please be ready to pay for them.

Don't forget that the choreography fee of $160 is now due (juniors and seniors only). If you are planning on using some of your fundraising money to pay for it, please let Vicki know. She typically doesn't use your fundraising money unless you notify her. You can drop her a note in the black payment box at the gym.

Junior Moms - during choreography on Saturday, the girls typically bring their lunch. I thought about picking up Little Caesar's pizza for the girls and dropping them off at the gym for lunch. What are your thoughts on this? If everyone contributed $3, that should cover the pizzas and drinks. I just figured that would be easier than everyone hitting up the grocery on Friday night to put together sack lunches! ha ha ha Or, we can get something else. I just figured pizza was a hit with all kids. :) Last but not least......don't forget the Jr. cookout at The Bensley's on Monday, June 22 @ 5:30pm. She needs help with food and we definitely need supervision at the mall. Could you imagine if we were banned from there? Oh my gosh! I'd certainly die!! ha ha

This cheer season is off to a GREAT start! Thanks to you all for being puncutal and diligent with your orders and payments. You guys are the best!!